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Dhaya is the home for the abandoned and orphaned Children. New born babies were left near the gates of "Sharanalayam". The mother, Thaiamma took them under her love and care and gave them a secured life. Their life is full of joy and hope the moment they step into the loving home of Dhaya.

Dhaya is situated on the Coimbatore highway on 1.5 acres of land bought by the TRUST and has a total built-up area of 20,000Sq.ft.

There are totally 150 young Orphaned boys and girls right from a new born baby to the age of 14yrs. Nearly 110 school going Children are provided with education at the nearby Government aided School.

All the Children are provided with Vegetarian food for three times a day, Snacks and rationed Milk. Health and Hygiene is taken care by regular visit of Doctors. Special attention and special diet is given to the new entrants who are undernourished.

Extra curricular activities involve Yoga and Meditation classes designed by trained Masters, karate Classes, Dance classes, indoor and Outdoor games. Recreation facilities involve Music, TV, Videos, Pets and regular outdoor Picnics.


JHOTHI is the abode of care that runs on love and affection. The mentally challenged and physically handicapped children are the living Gods.

They need our support, not only to lean and stand up, but also to be loved and to be one amongst us. Their world is so beautiful, they are full of love deep inside them, and they are all so lovable.

"Their smile will move us miles,
Their love is pure and true,
Their action is their mode of expression,
To understand this is our determination,
To feel pity is not our duty
For, Service to them is Service to Almighty"

These mentally challenged children were once on the streets and they knew nothing of the happenings around them. Few gave old crumbs of bread, others never even bothered when they quenched their thirst in dirty waters. Some even hated to see their face. But a few brought them to our doors.

More than 60 mentally retarded and physically handicapped children with multiple deformities have found a home at Jyothi Sharanalayam. Free food, clothing and medical facilities are provided to them. Today, they too have a home, a mother, a father and you all as their relatives. This is HUMANITY. This is true life for them. Let us all join and make their world a better place to live, as they duly deserve it.

"Life is precious not with materials, but with good health"
Service to humanity has never been degraded, nor forgotten. Each human being contributes his or her part to the society. Some to a larger extent.
To-day nearly 25 HIV/AIDS infected children and more than 25 HIV/AIDS affected children and more than 750 People living with HIV/AIDS have come under the roof of Jheevan.
Many women are just the victims of this disease. They have received this disease from their husbands. They are innocent, but the gravity of the disease has taken a heavy toll on them. Many had dreamt of a wonderful and happy married life. But their dreams are all short lived. To-day many at a young age of 30-35 have lost their husbands to this killer disease and have been shunned away from their own family. With no place to stay they knock the doors of Sharanalayam. Sharanalayam is a heaven for many of these infected people
Jheevan takes care of the HIV infected by providing them with Palliative care, Psycho social support, continuous counselling, nutritional support, and access to anti retroviral therapy through government facilities. In this regard Sharanalayam has partnered with Tamilnadu state aids control society to accomplish the Project.

Adoption of an Orphaned Baby means a lot both to Sharanalayam and the adoptive Parents. Sharanalayam is a licensed In-country adoption agency, which ensures that each abandoned and surrendered baby finds a loving home with lovable parents & family.

The Organization has got its license in the year 2006 and so far 12 babies have been placed in happy homes. The joy seen while the parents adopt a child is priceless and the satisfaction of placing a child on adoption is enchanting.


This project started in 2007 caters to providing one noon meal to all the aged ineligible people living in the surrounding parts of Sharanalayam. Nearly 25 such people are being benefitted by this scheme. For many this is the only meal which they get in a day. A few even pack their lunch for dinner.

Recipient of best President and Best Rotary inner wheel club for the year 1996-97.
Recipient of best Social Worker under Women Achievers Award of Ladies Circle India for the Year 2001- 2002
Recipient of Mother Saradha Devi award for Best Social Worker from Ramakrishna Missions for the year 2003.
Recipient of Exemplary Humanitarian Service Award from Rotary Club of Coimbatore for her Services to the poor
  and downtrodden of this society. Women Achievers Award of Saibaba Colony Ladies Association, Coimbatore.
Recognized under the charitable orphanages act of the government of Tamil Nadu.
A FIT Institution to take under its care and Custody abandoned and orphaned Children.
Recognized by Tamil Nadu state Aids control Society to work for the People living with HIV/AIDS.
Department of Social welfare recognised licensed adoption agency.
State of Art Cardiac Hospital for the Poor.
Mental health research and wellness clinic.
A home to take care of uncared senior citizens
Adopting Village for health and Sanitation.
School for the poor.


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